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Choosing a relocation agent in London: 5 top tips

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Your assignees can’t simply pick a relocation agent off a shelf. Selecting a provider that will support them every step of the way requires research. Our top tips will help them make the right choice.

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Post-lockdown relocation landscape: the school search

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The third in our series of articles exploring the post-lockdown relocation landscape focuses on the school search. With social distancing preventing your assignees from making physical visits for a while yet, they’ll need some help swatting up on potential schools online.

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Post-lockdown relocation landscape: settling into life in London

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The second in our series of articles exploring the post-lockdown relocation landscape focuses on settling into life in London. It’s going to be ‘business as unusual’ in the pubs, restaurants, shops, museums and theatres as they begin to reopen their doors. So, let your assignees know what to expect.

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Post-lockdown relocation landscape: finding, securing and moving into a new home

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The coronavirus crisis has spawned a collection of new buzzwords that have already become part of the common vernacular. This got us thinking what the future holds for your assignees during the relocation process, in a world where ‘business as unusual’ is becoming the ‘new normal’.

Sorry, buzzwords are great for grabbing people’s attention, but they can be awfully confusing and often lack substance. So, let’s provide some clarity by exploring what the ‘new normal’ actually means for three of the most important aspects of any relocation – finding, securing and moving into a new property – now that we are slowly navigating a path out of lockdown using the government’s roadmap.

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Virtual viewings: house hunting from the comfort of your employee’s home

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Oceans, borders and a busy schedule are a minor inconvenience when your employees work with us to find their ideal home in London.

Our innovative virtual viewings service allows us to channel our inner Steven Spielberg, and, more importantly, help your employees overcome geographical and time constraints when searching for their new London home.

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The life of a relocation agent in London: behind the scenes


They say, “it’s the journey, not the destination”. When it comes to a relocation, however, we think they’re equally important. Without a well-executed move overseas, assignee’s will struggle to achieve their ultimate goal: settle into their new home as quickly as possible. For Simply London, the notion of adding value to the relocation process isn’t limited to house and school searches; it’s the fine detail that can make all the difference. Our willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty knows no bounds.

Here are a few (fun) examples of our dedication to the cause.

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How to relocate employees with children to London

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Think of your assignees like they’re your children: you’ll do everything in your power to make their relocation a success. So, imagine how important it is to assignees that they prioritise their kids when moving to London. Our top tips for relocating employees with children will help you put their mind at ease.  

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Why a co-living space could be right up your assignee’s street

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Far from being another millennial fad, like avocado and influencers, co-living is here to stay. Just look at what its cousin, co-working, has done for the modern workplace, by creating an environment which cultivates community chemistry and increased well-being. So, what exactly is co-living? And is this the mobile millennial's perfect place to live these days? We explore the topic...

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Can relocating employees rent in London if they don’t have a visa?

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As many assignees have to apply for a visa to relocate to the UK, or are in the process of obtaining one, you will want to know whether they have to wait until their visa has been obtained in order to rent a place in London. 

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Simply London website and brand get a fresh makeover

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Simply London pride themselves on streamlining the often-convoluted relocation process for their clients. This appreciation and application of efficiency have inspired the recent rebrand of their website, clours and logo. We are delighted to introduce this makeover, which extends from the aesthetic to the informative.

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