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5 top tips to help assignees move to London successfully

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A wise man once said: “when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life” – and he had a point! After all, this international city is one of the most popular in the world – according to Mastercard’s annual Global Destination Cities Index, it was the second most visited city in the world in 2018 with 20.42 million international visitors. And it’s easy to see why. As an innovator of art, culture and modern living, it has something for everyone – from history and diversity to fine food and good times. 

By enabling assignees to live and work in London, you’re giving them the opportunity to enrich their lives in a truly world-class city. Rather than patting yourself on the back, it’s time to help them make a success of their relocation. By doing so you will also empower them to make a success of their new professional experience. Here a few top tips to give you a head start:

Help them navigate the rental market

Finding somewhere to live in London can be as daunting as it is exciting. The rental market in the capital is extremely vast and varied – so much so that it remains highly competitive even in premium areas – and the rental process is littered with technicalities that will leave most assignees scratching their head. Therefore, it’s vital to provide them with guidance around areas, property types, budgets, viewings, fees, rental agreements and timeframes.

Help them understand the school system

Relocating to London on your own is challenging enough. So, imagine the added pressure of bringing your kids with you. In this scenario, finding the right school will be a top priority for assignees. Therefore, you should be equipped to help them understand how school catchment areas influence the property search, what their schooling options are (private, grammar or state), and how the application process works.

Help them settle into the capital

The settling in process doesn’t just involve meeting new people and exploring everything London has to offer. There’s also a more mundane but necessary side to it: arranging everyday essentials like utilities, accounts and registrations. Don’t let these laborious tasks mount up and become a time-consuming chore for your assignees. Do everything you can to help them organise those day-to-day things they need in place to get their life in London up and running.

Don’t forget their family

A relocation to London is as much a life-changing experience for an assignee’s family as it is for them. Failure to cater for their spouse and children – who will undoubtedly be their priority – during the move will jeopardise the success of the entire relocation. For example, their spouse might need to attend language training and find a new job, while the kids might need extracurricular activities arranging. The sooner their family can settle-in to life in London, the sooner the assignee can focus on their new role in your organisation.

Get help from the experts

With so much for assignees to think about before, during and after a move, proactive employers can facilitate a successful transition by providing access to a relocation agent like Simply London. They provide a comprehensive range of services – home search, school search, school application and settling in – enabling them to manage the entire relocation on your assignee’s behalf. By relieving them of this burden, you can help them focus on settling into their new home and workplace.

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