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Childcare in London: what you need to know!


When considering moving to London with very young children, it is inevitable that the question of childcare and which solutions are available in the UK will come up.

Simply London presents you with the different options to help you make the right choice.

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Importing a vehicle into England

MyCarCoach image

Is it a good idea to import a European/foreign car into England?

Generally, unless the vehicle that you want to import is built to drive on the left-hand side of the road, importing it is a very long, laborious and expensive process. 

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Are furnished rental properties more expensive than unfurnished ones?


Given that this is the case in many European countries, this is a frequently asked question.

However, as with many other things, England is the exception.

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Visiting a London school: a checklist for parents

schools admission

If you are searching for the right school for your children in London, you will surely have planned to visit some of the schools you are considering. We have compiled a useful list of things to think about and to look out for when visiting a school in London.

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