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How to appeal a London primary school decision

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London’s primary schools are full – this is the reality. Even if the Brexit situation has eased the pressure ever so slightly, many parents see their first choice(s) for their children’s primary school turned down. Especially for parents relocating to London from abroad, the timing of the applications, and the necessity to show a proof of UK address at the time of the application make things even more difficult for them to obtain their preferred school(s).

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Travelling with children in public transport in London: our tips


Travelling by public transport in London can be costly – London has one of the most expensive public transport systems in the world. However, it is extensive and covers huge distances (on the plus side). So what is the cost of travelling with children and how does it work?

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“Terraced”, “Detached”, “Semi-Detached”: How are different houses described in England?


If you are lucky enough to look to live in an authentic London house - which is a luxury in the centre of London - you will certainly have heard estate agents using different words to describe the houses here.

Here is an explanation of the specific housing terms, which can sometimes be confusing.

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Blackheath village in London: the gem of Greenwich?


Hidden in the centre of the huge area of Greenwich in East London, Blackheath has the appeal of being a village close to the City.

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