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How much time can be saved by using relocation services as opposed to organising it yourself?


Using relocation services can often be perceived as being an unnecessary, avoidable cost.  

As a relocation services provider, we will of course be advocating in favour of using relocation services providers like Simply London. However, there are two things that make us feel confident with this point of view: the personal experience of our team (who are all expats), and…maths!

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Tune into the new Simply London YouTube channel

Copy of The Simply London YouTube Channel v3

Accessing and consuming vital information throughout the relocation process can be a laborious task. And with so much to arrange before, during and after the move, time becomes a finite commodity that must be used wisely. To help manage these constraints, Simply London Relocation has launched its very own YouTube channel.

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EU Settlement Scheme: 600'000 applications already


The UK government has recently sent an update on their EU settlement scheme, following the completion of the pilot phase, which saw 200'000 applications processed. The Settlement Scheme is now fully in force, with 600'00 persons having already applied.

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Recycling in London: how does it work?


Recycling is not the most glamorous topic, however it is a question that is often asked by our customers who have recently moved to London, and whose apartment or house is full of empty card boxes ... What to do?

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Notting Hill - elegance and charm in Central London


This charming area, made famous by the film, is popular for both its English residents and expatriates alike.

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