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The top five areas to live in London

London Mews

To say London is a truly global city is an understatement: 8.1 million people from over 270 nationalities reside within its 600 square miles of wonderful space. This wealth of diversity and opportunity poses one – rather marvellous – problem for anyone moving there: with so many different areas to choose from, deciding where you want to live can be tricky – the term “spoilt for choice” springs to mind.

Thankfully, the kind people at The Sunday Times have released their Best Places to Live in London Guide 2019. They’ve considered factors including house prices, jobs, schools, commute, culture, community spirit, and crime rate, to help you find the best possible quality of life in the capital.

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The Chiswick area in West London: where country village meets big city


Situated on the banks of the Thames, this desirable west London suburb is an enticing mix of attractive period properties, generous green space, independent shops and restaurants.

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Storing bulky items when renting in London

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Some of our customers ask us if the rent of an apartment includes a "cellar" as we often see in Europe - a private space in a building basement. This would of course allow them to store things they do not use often, such as bulky bikes, empty suitcases, etc. 

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