How is the Council Tax calculated?

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The local tax in London, also called the Council Tax, covers a range of services offered by the Councils to its residents: education, cleaning, recycling, etc. It is due whether residents rent or own their property. The Tax varies depending on where you live in London. How is it determined?

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Renting in London with a pet

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Whilst finding the right home in London can already be a challenge for incoming expats, it becomes even more difficult if expats come over with a pet (cat or dog). We thought it might be useful to summarise what happens in these circumstances, and what to know before starting a London home search.

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State Schools - Admissions calendar for Reception and Secondary transfers


In a British parent’s life, at least two milestones are unavoidable: the first one is the entry into Reception class, which is the first compulsory school class at Primary stage, the second one, at the end of Year 6 is called Secondary Transfer.

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Living in Soho: living the high life?


Historically known for its nightlife, synonymous with smoky bars and clubs, Soho is reinventing itself as a new neighbourhood where the movie media industry mingles with trendy city dwellers.

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The legend of the Black Cab "Knowledge Exam"

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Whilst Uber drivers in London rely solely on GPS positioning, the legendary Black Cab drivers rely on something commending a lot more respect: their memory and knowledge of London streets. Whilst you might think that anyone can become a black cab driver, this is actually entirely wrong.

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Looking for a rental property in London? Why floorplans are so difficult to find online

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Finding a rental property online can be adventurous and treacherous. But finding a floorplan telling you the size of a rental property can be even more difficult!

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As an expat family, is it a good option to send my children into the State Schools system?


As the Education Specialist at Simply London Relocation, a number of my clients often ask me the same question: what type of school would be the best for my children, State (free) or Independent (private)? The answer is not straightforward...

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The Top 3 family-friendly areas in London, Zone 3


The housing budget represents the biggest expense for an expatriate family in London, and properties located in transport zone 1 & 2 are often inaccessible due to the market price of rental property.

Simply London Relocation presents its favourite top three family quarters, a little more remote than the heart of Central London, but well connected to central London, and with a “village” atmosphere.

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Summer schools: a fun way to improve your children’s English

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If you are a family moving from abroad or planning to move and English is not you mother tongue, Summer schools can be a good option to improve your children English level.

Most of the summer schools take place in the campus of prestigious boarding schools, empty during the summer and consequently offer all the facilities in terms of classroom, catering equipment, boarding provision and most of all superb outdoor facilities.

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What are your school options in London if you have children with Special Needs?

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If you are planning to move to London with a child with SEND, the stress of identifying suitable provision for your child’s needs is probably one of your main concerns.

So, what are your options in London to find the right school for your child?

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