Our School Experts are on hand to help families find the right schools for their children

The Simply London School Experts 

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At Simply London, we know that choosing and applying for schools in London can be daunting.

Our in-house School Experts are here to advise your employees, present them with the different options available and help them all along with the application process.

We can help with English state and private schools, primary and secondary schools, as well as with international schools.

At Simply London, we offer two options:

  1. School Phone Consultation
  2. Full School Search Package 


The School Phone Consultation consists of a phone call where we offer advice on schools, admissions and the general process, whereas, the School Search Package is a more personalised and in depth service based on your assignee's individual situation.  

With the School Search Package, we work closely with your assignees according to

the following 7 steps:

  1. Interview with our Simply London School Expert to discuss your employees’ school requirements
  2. We explain how the education system works and recommend schools that suit your employees’ needs
  3. We provide your employees with inspection reports for each selected school
  4. We provide your employees with the full details of the application process for these specific schools
  5. Our Schools Expert checks availabilities for places by contacting the schools or local authorities
  6. We help your employees prepare the application documents
  7. We follow-up with each school until your employees have received a response
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We work with all London schools, in Central London and outside of London

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We search for all School types - English / International, State / Private

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quotes icon Our mission is to help your employees understand how the educational system works here. Education is a central part of the relocation process and we do our best to find the perfect school for your employees’ children."

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