International companies

Do you need to relocate assignees and their families to London? 

We offer the following services to enable them to focus on work from Day One, and to guarantee a successful relocation for the entire family: 

  • Orientation tours
  • Recommendation of London areas according to your assignee’s specific criteria (schools, budget, lifestyle, commute…)
  • Temporary accommodation search
  • Housing search
  • Tenancy agreement negotiation
  • School search and support during the application process
  • Removal organisation
  • Complementary services to facilitate the family's integration into the local community


Start-ups and SMEs

Are you thinking of relocating your business or creating a business in London?

There are many good reasons to relocate or create a business in London, but this is always a complex process.

Simply London Relocation can help you make a funded decision about moving/creating your business:

  • Cost of living estimation
  • Office cost estimation
  • Timing: how much time should you be planning for each step

Simply London Relocation can also help you once you have made the decision to move/create your business in London, freeing your personal time so you can focus on your business:

  • We can organise your personal relocation, and take care of all the practical details
  • If you have a family, we will make sure that your spouse and children are taken care of before, during and after the move to London
  • We can recommend local service providers according to your business needs (legal, marketing, finance, tax, etc.)
  • We can of course also help your colleagues move to London


Simply London Relocation named

Best Relocation Agency of the Year 2016

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