Simply London Relocation receives second consecutive nomination for the "Best Destination Service Provider" category by the Association of Relocation Professionals


We are thrilled to announce that Simply London Relocation has been nominated, again this year, in the “Best Destination Service Provider” category by the ARP, The Association of Relocation Professionals, for the prestigious annual awards of the relocation industry.

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The 5 Top Surprises when renting in London – as described by a New Zealand expat himself

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London seems very fast-paced for expats coming from New Zealand, as the city has twice the entire population of New Zealand! But that is not the only difference noticed by an expat. Here are the Top 5, as described by an expat himself.

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What are the best groceries stores in London?

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You have now settled in in your new home in London, and the next question is: where shall I get my groceries from? There are plenty of retailers, but how do they differentiate from each other? Are they all the same? Can I order online? Fear not, we explain everything in this article.

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The GCSEs Grading Reform explained

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From 2017, GCSEs grading has been subject to a big reform: a new numerical grading system has replaced the traditional letter grades introduced in 1988. We explain how this works.

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The 5 Top Surprises when renting in London – as described by an American expat herself

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We have always known that American expats are crazy about having a separate dryer from the washing machine (amongst other things). It is one of those things that can come as a surprise to them when moving to London. But there are many others – here is the top 5 as listed by a typical American expat family, and there might be surprises!

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King's Cross: the new "Manhattan" in London?

Kings Cross station August 2014

The number of so-called "Up and coming" areas in London is multiplying by the minute, but there is one area that definitely carries this name for good reasons: the King's Cross area in Central London.

Originally a train station neighbourhood, this area was never particularly inviting to strolling or walking around as a tourist. However, it has now become one of the "hot property" areas in London. How come?

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Do you need a car in London?


This is the million dollar question, and one that is frequently asked by our clients. There is no clear cut answer, as it depends on the place of residence, as well as what the car might be used for.

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Simply London Relocation shortlisted in the "Excellence in Employee and Family Support" category for the 2018 Relocate Awards


We are thrilled to announce that Simply London Relocation has been nominated in the “Excellence in Employee and Family Support” category for the Relocate Awards, the prestigious annual awards of the relocation & mobility industry.

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The 5 steps to finding a (good) state school in London

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This is probably the most frequent question from expatriate families, before coming to London. How do I find a good state school in London for my children? But what is the answer?

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Mayor of London to launch Brexit information portal for EU citizens in London

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The Mayor of London has recently launched a campaign aiming at EU citizens currently living in London. The campaign invites EU citizens to sign up for a future information portal provided by the Mayor. 

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