All the information you need for your relocation to London: Renting in London, Schools in London, Practical Tips for Expats moving to London

Public transport in London: getting from A to B has never been so easy

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London’s public transport infrastructure is like a well-oiled machine – and the options available to you are as diverse as the city itself. For example, did you know that 1.37 billion journeys were made on the London Underground in 2018 – the equivalent of 18% of the world's population taking one tube journey. So, let’s find out how you’ll be getting from A to B when you relocate to the British capital.

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Learn how and when to apply for a London school

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Relocating to London with children? Having decided what type of education path you want them to follow – state, grammar, independent or international – it’s time to secure that all-important place for your nearest and dearest. So, channel your inner academic and prepare to learn how and when to apply, depending on your family’s requirements.

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The 6 best places to live in London as a Young Professional

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There are so many options for young professionals when choosing where to live in London. Throughout the city there are pockets of areas where young professionals like to rent, attracted by new and cool restaurants, cafes and bars as well as green spaces and good transport links for a relatively affordable price. We have rounded up our 6 favourite areas for young professionals looking to rent in London. 

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Hampstead in North London


Hampstead is one of the well-known areas of London, not just amongst residents of the City, but also from expats looking to move to a family-oriented, elegant area.

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How a grammar school can add value to your child’s education in London

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The English education system can be a little tricky to understand for anyone new to the country. For example, when you hear someone talking about a public school, they’re actually referring to an independent private school – confusing right? So, if state schools are government-funded schools and public schools are private schools, what are grammar schools?

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10 top tips to help you settle into life in London

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Ah London: that tireless innovator of art and culture; that proud custodian of iconic history; that cosmopolitan champion of modern multicultural life... Throw in some fine food and good times and it’s easy to see why so many people choose to move to London from overseas.

But what is everyday life like there: the transport, the lifestyle, the culture, the social scene? Before you can make the most of London’s infectious rhythm, you’ll need to focus on settling into your new home. These top tips will help you live like a local in no time.

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Why you should think twice before paying a holding deposit to rent in London

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Finding the right place to live is one of the biggest decisions you will make during your relocation. For anyone viewing properties in Britain’s saturated rental market – 20% (4.7 million) of households in England rent their home – the pressure is on. As competition grows, potential tenants are becoming increasingly reliant on holding deposits to secure their ideal home. But what are they and how do they work?

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Richmond-Upon-Thames: Living riverside


If you are hoping to live in London with your family, but the extortionate prices of central London scare you, Richmond-Upon-Thames could be the perfect solution.

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5 pitfalls you should avoid when relocating to London

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After you land in London to start your new adventure, you’ll want to hit the ground running and settle into life here as quickly as possible. You won’t want to get caught out by the capital’s quirks, its inflated prices or the UK’s political turmoil. So, here are five top tips to help you avoid those obstacles that might trip you up when you arrive in this world-class city.

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The top 5 universities in London


You’ve already chosen to study in the best city in the world – London has been ranked the number one student city on the planet for the second year running by leading global education network QS. Now it’s time to decide which of the capital’s first-class universities is right for you – the only problem is there are so many to choose from.

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