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How Simply London helped a family find the perfect home, near the perfect school, for all three of their children

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For an expatriate’s children, relocating overseas is an equal dose of opportunity and upheaval. When it comes to starting a new school, the ideal scenario is clear: move during the summer holidays, giving the kids time to settle in before starting school at the beginning of the academic year. Unfortunately, relocations can’t always happen at the most convenient time for everyone involved. Thankfully, Simply London Relocation is on hand to help.

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Highbury: a town of elegance


The Highbury area, located in North London, is especially known for its connection to Islington; the trendy area for families and professionals who want to live very close to central London.

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Simply London announces support for local South London charity’s “Into School” programme

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We are honoured to announce that Simply London will be using its Schools expertise and experience to assist the Baytree Centre with its “Into School” programme.

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Applying for state schools in London: the 5 things to know

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We always get many questions from parents about the timing and formalities to enrol their children in the London public/state primary schools system.

To help you organize your school registrations calendar, you will find a reminder of the fundamentals of the state schools system in London.

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Borough Market: Much more than just a foody’s heaven!

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Located in the Borough of Southwark, on the left bank of the Thames along the Northern Line, the Borough area was originally known for its Victorian setting. However, over the past 10 years, Borough has transformed itself into a trendy area for foodies thanks to the establishment of Borough Market - an enormous market which offers both English and international food.

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Do rental leases always start on the first of the month?

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This is a frequently asked question from our clients. Often in Europe, where the lease must start on the first of the month, it can be quite constraining if it doesn’t correspond with your moving dates.

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Confessions of a Relocation Agent in London

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No two days are the same in the life of a relocation agent. When you’re not showing a client around a property, you’re on a school visit or back in the office arranging everything from bank accounts to doctor registrations. With so much to organise across the capital on behalf of our clients, we regularly find ourselves in some rather interesting situations, to say the least. As model professionals, we maintain high standards but sometimes it’s hard not to have a chuckle. Here are five of our all-time favourites.

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Simply London announces the launch of "Bienvenue! The French-speaking International Relocation Network"

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It is with great pride that we announce the launch of "Bienvenue! The French-Speaking Relocation Network", founded by Simply London, together with 14 other relocation companies across the world.

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Bayswater: a popular area


Located between Hyde Park, Paddington Station and Queensway, marking the start of the famous Notting Hill, Bayswater is a rather popular and extremely central area. Although Bayswater isn’t extremely idyllic, it is an affordable option located on the other side of the major junction at Edgware with easy access to Hyde Park, the City, Soho - basically all the major office areas in London.

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How to appeal a London primary school decision

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London’s primary schools are full – this is the reality. Even if the Brexit situation has eased the pressure ever so slightly, many parents see their first choice(s) for their children’s primary school turned down. Especially for parents relocating to London from abroad, the timing of the applications, and the necessity to show a proof of UK address at the time of the application make things even more difficult for them to obtain their preferred school(s).

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