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Private Living vs Co-Living: What are the differences?

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Over the past few years, co-living spaces have been popping up all over London to offer young professionals an alternative to the expensive and complicated rental market of the city. But how do they work, and how do they compare with the more traditional way of renting in London?

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The 6 best places to live in London as a Young Professional

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There are so many options for young professionals when choosing where to live in London. Throughout the city there are pockets of areas where young professionals like to rent, attracted by new and cool restaurants, cafes and bars as well as green spaces and good transport links for a relatively affordable price. We have rounded up our 6 favourite areas for young professionals looking to rent in London. 

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Why you should think twice before paying a holding deposit to rent in London

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Finding the right place to live is one of the biggest decisions you will make during your relocation. For anyone viewing properties in Britain’s saturated rental market – 20% (4.7 million) of households in England rent their home – the pressure is on. As competition grows, potential tenants are becoming increasingly reliant on holding deposits to secure their ideal home. But what are they and how do they work?

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Storing bulky items when renting in London

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Some of our customers ask us if the rent of an apartment includes a "cellar" as we often see in Europe - a private space in a building basement. This would of course allow them to store things they do not use often, such as bulky bikes, empty suitcases, etc. 

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UK Estate agents forced to implement client money protection schemes from April 2019 onwards

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From April 1st 2019, all estate agents in England will have to be members of an approved client money protection scheme. If not, they will face fines and sanctions.

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The Top 5 questions about finding rental housing in London

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We have compiled a useful list of the Top 5 questions asked by our clients about searching a home in London, and dealing with estate agents.  

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Do rental leases always start on the first of the month?

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This is a frequently asked question from our clients. Often in Europe, where the lease must start on the first of the month, it can be quite constraining if it doesn’t correspond with your moving dates.

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“Terraced”, “Detached”, “Semi-Detached”: How are different houses described in England?


If you are lucky enough to look to live in an authentic London house - which is a luxury in the centre of London - you will certainly have heard estate agents using different words to describe the houses here.

Here is an explanation of the specific housing terms, which can sometimes be confusing.

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Are furnished rental properties more expensive than unfurnished ones?


Given that this is the case in many European countries, this is a frequently asked question.

However, as with many other things, England is the exception.

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Estate agent fees in England


A common question from our clients is about estate agent fees when renting a property in London.

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