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Our favourite primary schools in London

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We have put together a selection of the best options from around the city to reassure you that your children's education is something to look forward to when you touch down in London...Needless to say these are not the only good options in London, but they are the ones that represent the best a family can hope for when looking for a school in London. We have also made sure there were private and state schools in there, to allow for all budgets.

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Learn how and when to apply for a London school

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Relocating to London with children? Having decided what type of education path you want them to follow – state, grammar, independent or international – it’s time to secure that all-important place for your nearest and dearest. So, channel your inner academic and prepare to learn how and when to apply, depending on your family’s requirements.

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How a grammar school can add value to your child’s education in London

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The English education system can be a little tricky to understand for anyone new to the country. For example, when you hear someone talking about a public school, they’re actually referring to an independent private school – confusing right? So, if state schools are government-funded schools and public schools are private schools, what are grammar schools?

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The top 5 universities in London


You’ve already chosen to study in the best city in the world – London has been ranked the number one student city on the planet for the second year running by leading global education network QS. Now it’s time to decide which of the capital’s first-class universities is right for you – the only problem is there are so many to choose from.

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The top boroughs for high-performing state schools in London

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It doesn’t matter how much you love your job or how excited you are about calling London home; if your children are relocating with you, they will be your priority. Choosing a school that matches your family’s requirements will, therefore, be one of the most important decisions you make during your move. So, where should you focus this search to ensure you live within the catchment area of high-performing schools? 

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Applying for Schools in London for September 2019: the deadlines

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If you are looking to relocate to London for the September school start this year, you might be wondering: is it too late to apply for a school place? is it too early? When shall I apply for my children?

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Visit of the ACS Hillingdon

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We had the pleasure of recently visiting the ACS Hillingdon, an international school offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum for pupils aged 4 to 18.

This school, located on the edge of London, but still inside the M25, offers a green setting worthy of the English countryside as we can imagine it from postcards.

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How Simply London helped a family find the perfect home, near the perfect school, for all three of their children

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For an expatriate’s children, relocating overseas is an equal dose of opportunity and upheaval. When it comes to starting a new school, the ideal scenario is clear: move during the summer holidays, giving the kids time to settle in before starting school at the beginning of the academic year. Unfortunately, relocations can’t always happen at the most convenient time for everyone involved. Thankfully, Simply London Relocation is on hand to help.

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Simply London announces support for local South London charity’s “Into School” programme

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We are honoured to announce that Simply London will be using its Schools expertise and experience to assist the Baytree Centre with its “Into School” programme.

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Applying for state schools in London: the 5 things to know

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We always get many questions from parents about the timing and formalities to enrol their children in the London public/state primary schools system.

To help you organize your school registrations calendar, you will find a reminder of the fundamentals of the state schools system in London.

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