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How to import your pet from Europe to London

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Moving day D-15: you signed your lease, registered your children in school and found the perfect au-pair for your baby, but have you thought of your pets? It would be a shame to realize, the day before your move, that your pets must stay on the “continent”, for lack of preparation.

Simply London explains the rules and the formalities you will have to comply with when coming from Europe with pets.

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EU Settlement Scheme: 600'000 applications already


The UK government has recently sent an update on their EU settlement scheme, following the completion of the pilot phase, which saw 200'000 applications processed. The Settlement Scheme is now fully in force, with 600'00 persons having already applied.

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Recycling in London: how does it work?


Recycling is not the most glamorous topic, however it is a question that is often asked by our customers who have recently moved to London, and whose apartment or house is full of empty card boxes ... What to do?

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Understanding UK bank holidays

Bank holiday

We thought it might be useful to explain what “Bank holidays” are in the United Kingdom, as it can seem to be a strange name for what other countries around the world would call “national holidays” for example.

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Update on the EU Settlement Scheme

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Early February the UK Government issued an update on their test phase for the EU Settlement Scheme. The test has been successful so far, and the scheme will be fully live at the end of March 2019.

We have included the official summary form the Government below, as well as links to the Scheme's website pages. As of today, EU citizens and their families have until 30/06/2021 to apply.  

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Borough Market: Much more than just a foody’s heaven!

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Located in the Borough of Southwark, on the left bank of the Thames along the Northern Line, the Borough area was originally known for its Victorian setting. However, over the past 10 years, Borough has transformed itself into a trendy area for foodies thanks to the establishment of Borough Market - an enormous market which offers both English and international food.

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Travelling with children in public transport in London: our tips


Travelling by public transport in London can be costly – London has one of the most expensive public transport systems in the world. However, it is extensive and covers huge distances (on the plus side). So what is the cost of travelling with children and how does it work?

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Childcare in London: what you need to know!


When considering moving to London with very young children, it is inevitable that the question of childcare and which solutions are available in the UK will come up.

Simply London presents you with the different options to help you make the right choice.

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Importing a vehicle into England

MyCarCoach image

Is it a good idea to import a European/foreign car into England?

Generally, unless the vehicle that you want to import is built to drive on the left-hand side of the road, importing it is a very long, laborious and expensive process. 

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Settled status announced for EU citizens in the UK

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Back in June this year, the UK Home Secretary announced the Guidelines of the “Settled Status” for EU citizens and their families. After so much uncertainty, we certainly welcome some clarity about what will happen to EU citizens in the UK, and what they might have to do to remain in the UK.

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