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How much time can be saved by using relocation services as opposed to organising it yourself?


Using relocation services can often be perceived as being an unnecessary, avoidable cost.  

As a relocation services provider, we will of course be advocating in favour of using relocation services providers like Simply London. However, there are two things that make us feel confident with this point of view: the personal experience of our team (who are all expats), and…maths!

Unfortunately, many people decide to organise their own relocation, unaware of just how much work goes into executing a successful move – a hidden cost that will only become apparent in the weeks before, during, and after the relocation. As the workload mounts, stress levels rise and your time will be monopolised by personal tasks rather than focussing on your new professional responsibilities.

This is the experience some of us in the Simply London team have made. One of us ended up being busier in the first month sorting out her Internet connection, bank account and utilities rather than focussing on her work – which really deflates the purpose of relocating talent from one office to the next. Indeed, talent should represent a high value for the business, not just a high cost.

Let’s review how much time an expatriate would need to dedicate to each aspect of their relocation, and how much time the same person can save with a relocation specialist like Simply London.



As you can see from the chart, the amount of time saved with the help of a relocation agent is significant.

The invaluable support – practical and emotional – we provide expatriates and their family before, during and after the move enables them to take control of their relocation. With everything expertly managed in the background, they can concentrate on their professional life, without worrying about their personal life.  


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