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Visit of the ACS Hillingdon

ACS hillingdon

We had the pleasure of recently visiting the ACS Hillingdon, an international school offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum for pupils aged 4 to 18.

This school, located on the edge of London, but still inside the M25, offers a green setting worthy of the English countryside as we can imagine it from postcards. The buildings are beautiful and imposing, with an interior space that the schools at the heart of London can only envy.

The ACS has a very American feel to it, through its management, students (many of them American, although the mix is very international overall), and the curriculum it offers. It is part of a group of four schools, including three located in England, and one in Qatar, a constellation increasingly common in private educational groups.

Being a truly international school, the ACS Hillingdon offers a “Native Language Enrichment” program for students whose mother tongue is not English, with classes in their mother tongue (11 languages available).

The academic results posted by ACS Hillingdon are excellent.

The visit of the buildings also revealed a very American design - brick walls, metal lockers, and the logos of the school sports teams proudly displayed in the corridors.

In the surrounding area, the city of Uxbridge, home to the headquarters of many international industrial groups, is quite pleasant, and offers shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as rental rents much lower than in the heart of London (since we are in Zone 6!).

For those who wish to live more centrally in London, however, a school bus is organized for students, connecting neighbourhoods as far as Kensington, Notting Hill, directly to the school.

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