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Big isn’t always best: the benefits of using an independent relocation agent

what makes a country attractive for international mobility

For businesses with a truly global mobility strategy, a multinational relocation management company will seem like the obvious option. However, organisations that experience complications with the management of relocations – particularly assignees in senior management roles – will explore other options.

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Will a lump-sum relocation package benefit your business?

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Any business with a global mobility strategy will want their prized assets to settle into their new role as quickly as possible. To achieve this, employers often offer a lump-sum package – an allowance given to the assignee to cover the cost of relocating overseas. 

Before negotiating a package with the assignee, however, employers should understand the advantages and disadvantages of paying a lump-sum. Failure to offer the necessary support to assignees throughout the relocation process could result in a loss of talent.

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Simply London announces the launch of "Bienvenue! The French-speaking International Relocation Network"

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It is with great pride that we announce the launch of "Bienvenue! The French-Speaking Relocation Network", founded by Simply London, together with 14 other relocation companies across the world.

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Next Gen GM and Relotalent – "Global Mobility Wars"

Global Mobility Wars

If you thought Brexit contained lots of moving parts that need managing effectively to achieve a successful conclusion, try organising an assignee relocation. With so many components to juggle throughout the move, the process is awash with specialist service providers. This got the experts at Next Gen GM and Relotalent thinking, and they just had to know: which global mobility service is most important to the success of an assignment or transfer?

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Support your assignees’ decision to move to London with Simply London’s new phone consultation

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Relocating overseas on your own is as daunting as it is exciting. So, imagine doing it with your family in tow and the added pressure this brings. Here at Simply London, we understand that finding the perfect school will be of paramount importance for any employee moving overseas with their kids. Getting this right will make all the difference when it comes to their nearest and dearest settling into life in London.

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Why the UK’s independent schools remain a great option for families moving to Britain

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Career progression and professional development are common goals when relocating overseas. However, the main focus for any assignee moving with their family will be the well-being of their children. Until their nearest and dearest have settled into life in London, professional targets won’t be a priority.

The last thing they need are concerns about rising school fees and the potential impact of Brexit on independent schools confusing the issue.

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Relocating to London: don’t let Brexit get in the way of your mobility strategy

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Brexit has become synonymous with uncertainty ever since the British public voted to sever ties with the EU. While many challenges undoubtedly lay ahead during the negotiation period and beyond, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom and head scratching. Particularly here in London, which remains – and will continue to remain – one of the best cities in the world to live and do business. This is a welcome shift in mindset for any organisation that is considering relocating employees to London as part of its mobility strategy. Here are five reasons to be positive as Brexit approaches.

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Millennials: the mobile generation

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Relocating an employee that falls in the millennial bracket isn’t as simple as giving them a smartphone and buying them a flight. Having grown up with so much convenience on tap, they have very specific requirements. If you want this highly qualified, tech-savvy, forward-thinking section of the workforce to help your business grow, you should think like one when relocating them overseas. Ask yourself, what motivates a millennial?

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How a relocation specialist can help an SME expand on a global scale

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The internet of things has made the world a much smaller place for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), opening borders to international trade. Successful expansion into the global marketplace often creates a requirement to relocate employees overseas. The benefits of doing so are compelling:

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Simply London shortlisted in the "Best Family Support Programme" category for the prestigious FEM EMEA Awards

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We are thrilled to announce that Simply London has been nominated in the “Best Family Support Programme” category for the Forum for Expatriate Management EMEA Awards, the prestigious annual awards of the relocation & mobility industry.

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