News and ideas about Corporate Relocations to London

Simply London launches Virtual Tour of London neighbourhoods

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We are thrilled to announce that Simply London has launched its virtual tour of the 15 most popular neighbourhoods in London, for expatriates looking to relocate to London. Composed of 15 videos, this unique tour was created by Simply London’s film crew, who travelled across London to shoot the areas at street-level, giving it a realistic perspective for viewers.

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Is the importance of settling-in support underestimated by businesses when relocating employees?

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Is one aspect of a relocation – accommodation, schools or settling in – more important than others? There’s no doubting that finding somewhere to live and selecting a school for the kids will be top of their to-do list. However, a relocation isn’t just an opportunity for a business to achieve its objectives; it’s a chance for the assignee to gain life experience. If they – and their family – struggle to adjust to life overseas, the success of the whole relocation could be jeopardised – bad news for the employer!

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The hidden cost of self-organised relocations for employees

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If you leave the assignee to plan and implement the entire relocation alone, their time will be monopolised by the move; time that could be better spent focusing on their new role. Also, spare a thought for assignee’s, who often underestimate just how much work goes into executing a successful relocation – inexperience that can have a negative impact on your priorities as a business and theirs as an employee.

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A day in the (never boring) life of a relocation agent in London

Day in the life

Many people imagine the life of a relocation agent as a series of glamorous days where we accompany assignees to view luxury properties in the most sought-after areas of London, like Notting Hill and Mayfair. Nothing could be further from the truth...

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Case study: helping a family find a home and a school for three children in London

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International relocations can’t always happen at the most convenient time for everyone involved... We were recently approached by the HR Department of a company to support a family moving with three children from Australia midway through the school year.

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5 top tips to keep assignees motivated during their move

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Relocations are a contrast of opportunity and upheaval for assignees and their families. Moving to a new country and getting stuck into a new role is as exciting as it gets, but they can’t simply teleport to a readymade life there. With so much to arrange, failure to provide them with financial, logistical and emotional support will impact their motivation and ultimately the success of the relocation. Remember: a motivated assignee is a happy assignee!

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Why successful relocations don’t have to break the bank

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There are important decisions to be made when devising your global mobility strategy. None more so than deciding how your business should plan and execute relocations. Do you have the resources – financial and HR – to manage the move in-house, or will you have to outsource to an external relocation service provider?

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Simply London announces support for local South London charity’s “Into School” programme

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We are honoured to announce that Simply London will be using its Schools expertise and experience to assist the Baytree Centre with its “Into School” programme.

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Why assignees should keep calm and consider London state schools


As a firm fixture in the top 10, the UK’s schools are considered some of the best around. However, the reputation of its private academic institutions often detracts from the high-quality of state education in the UK.

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Big isn’t always best: the benefits of using an independent relocation agent

what makes a country attractive for international mobility

For businesses with a truly global mobility strategy, a multinational relocation management company will seem like the obvious option. However, organisations that experience complications with the management of relocations – particularly assignees in senior management roles – will explore other options.

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