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Is the importance of settling-in support underestimated by businesses when relocating employees?

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Is one aspect of a relocation – accommodation, schools or settling in – more important than others? Our basic human need to find shelter makes arranging suitable accommodation a top priority. Once protected from the elements, education will be the main focus for assignees with children. However, businesses shouldn’t overlook the importance of the settling in process for their assignees.

There’s no doubting that finding somewhere to live and selecting a school for the kids will be top of their to-do list. This doesn’t mean that time and money can’t be invested into enjoying their new surroundings as well. A relocation isn’t just an opportunity for the business to achieve its objectives; it’s a chance for the assignee to gain life experience. If they – and their family – struggle to adjust to life overseas, the success of the whole relocation could be jeopardised – bad news for the employer!

The settling in process

The settling in process can range from the enjoyable to the mundane. For example, arranging everyday essentials like utilities and a bank account are vital when arriving in London, but laborious tasks. Unfortunately, these jobs can mount up and become extremely time-consuming for the assignee – often dragging on for weeks. Time that could be better spent socialising and acquainting themselves with their new environment – besides working obviously!

What about their family’s integration? The spouse might need to attend language training and find a new job, while the kids will need extracurricular activities arranging. With so much still to think about once they arrive, conscientious employers can relieve the load by providing access to corporate relocation services like those of Simply London.

What settling-in services can cover

Simply London doesn’t just specialise in helping assignees to find a home and select a school that match their requirements. They can use their expert knowledge and experience to support the settling in process as well.

To facilitate a smooth transition to life in London from day one, Simply London will set-up their personal registrations and utilities: mobile phone and UK SIM card, internet, bank account, NI number, doctor, utilities, insurance and council tax. This service is delivered as a “settling in package” and can be tailored to their specific needs. With these day-to-day essentials taken care of, the family can get out and enjoy life in the capital, and the assignee can focus on their new professional responsibilities.

Simply London also offers a VIP settling in package for individuals/couples and families, so they can take control of their personal time. In addition to the services offered in the standard package, clients receive access to a helpline for one month.

The success of the entire relocation often hinges on the happiness of the assignee’s nearest and dearest. To ensure their experience of moving to London is more opportunity than upheaval, Simply London provides a range of spousal services:

  • Orientation and integration: public transport, online shopping, healthcare, relevant social organisations, children’s activities and playgroups.
  • Career coaching: job market guidance, CV writing, LinkedIn profile coaching, interview techniques.
  • Language training: pre-destination courses, individual and group training, business communication training.

Maximising the return on investment

By relieving the assignee of the hassle of arranging their everyday essentials and the stress of worrying about their family’s integration, businesses can help assignees hit the ground running, therefore maximising their own return on investment.

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