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The hidden cost of self-organised relocations for employees

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A relocation creates contrasting priorities: you’ll want the assignee to excel in their new role as quickly as possible; they’ll initially want to focus on settling into their new surroundings – especially if they have a family. Unfortunately, they will struggle to achieve either objective, unless you provide them with the necessary support during the relocation process.

Time is a precious and costly commodity

If you leave the assignee to plan and implement the entire relocation alone, their time will be monopolised by the move; time that could be better spent focusing on their new role. Also, spare a thought for assignee’s, who often underestimate just how much work goes into executing a successful relocation – inexperience that can have a negative impact on your priorities as a business and theirs as an employee.

You can relieve them of this burden by employing the services of a relocation agent like Simply London – the leading relocation agency for London. They specialise in managing every aspect of a successful relocation to the capital on their client’s behalf – from immigration applications and HR support to destination services such as housing and school searches. With everything taken care of, they can concentrate on settling-in professionally and personally.

Moving without the help of a Relocation Specialist

With a seemingly endless to-do list, arranging a relocation can end up becoming a huge distraction for the assignee:

  • Accommodation – researching areas to live, finding suitable homes to view, arranging and attending property viewings.
  • Schools – researching schools, arranging and attending school visits, filling out school applications.
  • Everyday essentials – researching and contacting service providers: mobile phone and UK SIM card, internet, bank account, NI number, doctor, utilities, insurance, council tax.
  • Settling-in – social activities, children’s activities and playgroups, language training, helping their spouse find work, excelling in their new role.
  • Work – when they’re not busy arranging these essential tasks, they need to focus their energy on settling into their new role.

Moving with help of a Relocation Specialist

Essential tasks a relocation agent can manage on the assignee’s behalf:

  • Accommodation – the agent will work with them to understand their requirements and select the best areas and properties to view. They can also manage the rental agreement negotiations.
  • Schools – the agent will provide guidance around the UK education system, the types of schools – state, private, international – and the admission process. Together with help preparing the application paperwork for each selected school.
  • Everyday essentials – the agent will arrange their mobile phone and UK SIM card, internet, bank account, NI number, doctor, utilities, insurance and council tax.
  • Settling-in – the agent will provide a range of services aimed at facilitating their family’s integration: orientation and integration, career coaching and language training.
  • Work – with everything taken care of, they will have the time and energy to focus on their new role.

Think of all that time your assignee will save with the help of a relocation agent. So, do them – and your business – a huge favour by facilitating their access to a trusted agent like Simply London. It could mean the difference between this once in a lifetime opportunity turning into a nightmare or becoming a resounding success for everyone involved.


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