Here are the most frequent questions asked by our clients before starting their home search.


We don’t know London at all, and we don’t know in which area we want to live. What can you recommend?

We will discuss your requirements and your budget, enabling us to recommend several areas of London that correspond to your specific search criteria.

We are in a rush, and are moving to London in less than a month, can you help?

Yes, we can. We can organise property viewings for you at short notice, for properties available immediately. You will be able to move in once the paperwork and various formalities have been completed.

Can we view properties during weekends?

It can be possible on Saturdays. However, we do recommend, if you can, that you come over during the week, as there will be more flexibility from estate agents in regards to timing of the viewings. They will also be able to suggest alternative properties, should the targeted ones not be available anymore on the day of viewings.

How many properties do you recommend for us to view?

Our secret is in the preparation of your search: ahead of your viewings, we already present you with a pre-selection of properties. Thanks to your feedback on these examples, we are able to refine our selection for the day of your viewings, and only present you with properties that you could potentially like. We do not try to show you as many as possible on the day, but with the ones that are likely to be your ideal home!

Do we have to pay any fees to estate agents?

Unlike other countries, estate agent fees are paid by the landlords. Tenants will be charged administration fees, which are usually £500 maximum, but are not refundable.

Do you receive commissions from landlords or estate agents?

Never! This is the difference between a relocation agent and a property hunter. We have no interest with a particular estate agent or landlord. This guarantees an objective search, made to your requirements, and we search the entire market for you.

We heard that, in London, you have to decide very quickly whether you want to take a rental property – is it true?

Absolutely. The property market in London is very fluid, and there are usually several potential tenants for each property. That is why we recommend that you decide within 24 hours maximum following your viewing. Most of our clients will decide on the same day.

When shall we start viewing properties?

We recommend that you conduct your viewings between 2 and 4 weeks prior to the date that you wish to move in. 

I don't know much about tenancy agreements in the UK, can you help?

We will check the agreement on your behalf and let you know if there are any points that you need to be aware of or that need to be negotiated.

How many people will I deal with within your team?

One of our team members will be dedicated to you. In case he/she is absent, one of his/her colleagues will be informed about your situation and will be your point of contact.



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