Whether you are buying your London home, or investing in a buy-to-let, our Experts can assist you throughout the whole process

We can help if you are

buying a property in London

If you are looking to buy a property in London, whether as a home or as an investment, we can help:

  • We will accompany you throughout the entire process, from the property selection to the price negotiation

  • We will help you choose the right area and property depending on your requirements and budget

  • We will help you understand the legal system behind owning a property

The real value not only lies in our knowledge of the London property market, but also in the fact that you will have a trusted expert on your side at all times.

The 5 steps of your

Property purchase in London

  1. In-depth interview with our Expert to understand your search criteria and requirements

  2. Information and advice on your best options, areas and properties

  3. Assistance with finding a mortgage

  4. Selection and viewing of properties

  5. Negotiation and conclusion of your property purchase

Leasehold vs. Freehold

The facts


Freehold : it generally concerns houses, and means that you owe the land and property for an unlimited amount of time.


Leasehold : this is specific to the UK. It is similar to owning the property for a limited amount of time. The leaseholder owns the right to occupy and manage the property at his/her will, but not the land. The leaseholder must pay a rent to the owner of the land each year, for the duration of the lease.

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