Organising and coordinating the transport of your personal belongings

Why choose Simply London

to organise your removal?


Our friendly Simply London experts define your requirements, obtain price quotations from trusted moving companies, and coordinate everything on your behalf.

We will be working with you throughout the entire move, until your personal belongings have been successfully delivered to your new London home!

You will be safe in the knowledge that our trusted transport partner looks after your belongings' move from your origin country to your new destination.

Time saving icon white  Time saved as we organise everything for you

Reassurance icon  Reassurance that your personal belongings are looked after by a reliable transport company

Organising your belongings' move to London in

6 simple steps

  1. Phone call with our friendly Expert to understand your requirements (volume, fragile items, etc.)
  2. We organise technical visits at your home, where necessary
  3. We obtain quotes from trusted movers, and submit these to you
  4. You select the provider and make the payment directly to them
  5. We coordinate everything with the provider (paperwork, pick up and delivery dates, etc.)
  6. We follow up with the provider until your goods have been delivered

Top tip from

our move expert Marie

marie emilie amend expert

"Make sure you don't underestimate the volume of your personal belongings, as this can have a negative effect on price later on in the process. If possible, make sure that a technical visit is conducted by the provider, so they can assess the volume with their expert knowledge."

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