If you are unsure about where to live in London, or your family needs to be reassured before moving to London, we offer customised orientation tours

Why decide to do a

London orientation tour?

Whether you are still deciding whether you want to move to London, or you / your family are nervous about finding the right area and school for your family, our orientation tours will prepare and reassure everyone in the family.

We can cover housing, schools, amenities, and anything else you want to discover.

We will customise the tour according to your specific requirements.

Picture1  We recommend family-friendly neighbourhoods in London

Picture2We can show you examples of rental properties, but also schools and local amenities

What can be included in

your orientation tour:

  1. Discovering London areas:
    • Amenities
    • Parcs
    • Public transport
    • Places of worship
    • Sports facilities
    • Anything else that you require
  2. Discovering London schools:
    • State Schools
    • Private Schools
    • International Schools
  3. Discovering London properties:
    • Apartments and houses
    • Getting a feel for property sizes
    • Understanding the rental prices

Top rip from

our Expert Sylvie

sylvie froger export2

"An orientation tour can be extremely useful when deciding where (or even whether) to live in London. Make sure you view as many areas as possible, so you can make the best choice based on several options. Always plan to have one "out-of-the-box" area that you you were not considering originally, so you can compare, and maybe get a pleasant surprise on the day."


Let us organise

your orientation tour