Our friendly Experts can help you find the most suitable school for your children

Why choose Simply London

to find a school in London?


Our friendly School Experts are here to explain the schools system & admissions process, select the most suitable schools for your children, and assist you with your applications until your children have found a school place.

We will be working with you throughout the entire school finding process, until your children have started at their new London school!

We have an extensive knowledge of state schools, private schools and international schools, including boarding schools.

Expert icon white3 Personalised, expert advice adapted to your children's requirements

Schools icon Reassurance that you will have looked at all school options before deciding 

Finding a school in London in

7 simple steps

  1. An interview with our In-House School Expert to define your family criteria and wishes
  2. We explain the different options available to your family and recommend schools that suit your needs
  3. We provide you with inspection reports for each selected school
  4. We provide you with the full details of the application process for these specific schools
  5. Our In-House School Expert checks availabilities for places by contacting the schools or local authorities
  6. We help you prepare the application documents for each selected school
  7. We follow-up with each school until you have received an answer from the schools


Top tip from

our expert Sandra

sandra redon expert

quotes iconMake sure you are clear about what a "good" school means for your child and your family. There are very good state schools in London, and very good private schools as well. Check all your options carefully before making this very important decision."

London Schools Expert

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  • "I engaged Simply London relocation services as I was facing challenges in identifying a school for my two young children.  I was relocating from Australia and the time difference made it difficult to spend time phoning all schools in the area to find out availability, we were also relocating near the end of the school year so it was more difficult to find out school places as most of the schools were full. 

    The local council enrolment team were not particularly helpful as the will not process any applications until after we physically arrive in the country. 

    The team at Simply London provided me with a full list of all the schools in the area I was looking to live in that had availability.  This enabled us to identify the vicinity to search for a rental property in, safe in the knowledge that there were school places available. Once we had a physical address (tenancy agreement), Simply London handled the application process through the local council, and kept in constant contact with the school enrolment team once we arrived to ensure we could get a place as soon as possible. 

    We had the children in school around 1 week after arriving in the UK. 

    Relocating a family across the world is no easy task, Simply London removed an enormous amount of stress and work during this hectic time and were a valuable service."

    Rochelle H.
  • The team at Simply London were a fantastic resource for our move to London.  We needed assistance with pretty much everything. 

    But where the team was above and beyond was in assisting us in finding a great school for our children.

     We have twins and we were arriving after the school year started.  They were able to find us a placement in a top notch school for both kids which was close to where we lived.  The kids love the school, and we've made some fantastic friends from the school and neighbourhood.

    We could not have asked for anything more, and made the move to London smooth and effortless.  Sylvie and Sandra were a fantastic team, and satisfied all our needs, and I highly recommend them for families that are looking to make the move to London.

    Dave A.
  • Thank you Simply London team for your availability and for our successful relocation!

    Our children are happy with their new school, we are staying in a pleasant and very convenient area for the whole family.

    Your support was so efficient that we could enjoy the London life without anything major to worry about. 

    We recommend Simply London.

    Clem & F. M.



We also offer a Schools Phone Consultation service