Let our friendly Experts guide you through the school system and how to select the best schools for your children

Why choose a London

School Phone Consultation


If you are unsure about choosing the right type of school for your children, how school applications work in London. or whether you would need our full School Search Service, we offer a 60-minute School Phone Consultation with our Schools Expert.

During the consultation, our Schools Expert will cover the following topics:

  • Presentation of the different curricula and options for your children

  • General information about how to select and contact schools

  • General information about admission requirements, application processes & deadlines

This Consultation does not provide any specific school names, locations, or any research by our Expert to answer specific questions. The aim is to share our knowledge of the schools system in London and how it works.

The School Phone Consultation fees are deductible from the full School Search Service, if you decide to use it at a later time.




What is included in the

School Phone Consultation?

  1. Definition of your requirements for the phone consultation (by email)
  2. 60-minute phone interview with our Schools Expert
  3. One follow-up email if there are additional questions following the interview.


How does it work?

  1. Contact us so we can send you a price quotation
  2. We send you a link so you can pay online on our secure page
  3. Once we have your payment, we send you a link so you can book a day and time that are convenient to you
  4. Our Schools Expert will call you at the time you have chosen. Simple!