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Schools in London

All the information you need about primary and secondary schools in London: applications, school fees, curriculum, etc. Updated in September 2017.

  1. English Schools – Background Information
    • Day Schools
    • Boarding Schools
    • The Stages of School Education in England
    • Eligibility
    • Standards
    • School Fees (Independent Schools)
    • Class Sizes
    • School Uniforms
    • The School Day and Year
    • Curriculum
    • Ages
    • GCSEs, A Levels and the International Baccalaureate
  2. London Schools – Where & How to Apply
    • Where?
    • Finding the best school in your area
    • Finding out more
    • The Application & Admissions process
  3. International Schools
    • International Schools
    • Country-Specific School
    • English Schools in London offering the International Baccalaureate
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